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Rememberance Day

Remembrance Day is a time each year when we reflect on the loss of the brave men and women who gave their lives in our defence during war and peacetime, and also acknowledge the courage and commitment of those currently serving in our armed forces. Across the country, schools, memorial parks and community halls will play host to ceremonies of remembrance. We’ll take a moment of silence on our own, or gather with others to consider the sacrifices made on our behalf. 

Our most recognized symbol of Remembrance, the poppy represents a significant fundraising campaign for Legions across the country. Funds raised provide immediate assistance to ex-servicemen and women in need including food, shelter or medical attention for themselves or their families. Any ex-serviceman or woman or dependent is eligible to apply for financial aid from the funds raised. So donate generously when you pick up your poppy this year and wear it as a sign of your respect.

Spend this Remembrance Day together as a family, take pride in our country and be thankful for the courage, commitment, and sacrifices of so many.


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